Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dear visitor / customer,

This privacy policy was last amended on 26th of Janouary, 2016.

This Privacy Policy relates to all the online services (which may be) provided to you by all possible traffic by e-mail. May we kindly point out that you are responsible for all the information you provide to us and that we trust that this information is true.

By using this website, you agree with the regulations of this privacy policy. Every time you provide information through this website, you agree that this information is acquired and used in accordance with this privacy policy. shall not intentionally acquire personal information about visitors of whom it can be reasonably assumed that they are minors (under 18 years old). We advise parents to consult their children on the use of the Internet and the information they provide to websites.

You are free to surf to our e-shop without giving any personal information. This website actively collects information about visitors by asking certain questions and by giving visitors the opportunity to communicate directly with us by e-mail, and/or with forms. also gathers information for the sale of its products. The information provided may contain personal information (i.e. information which can only relate to you, such as your full name, address, email address, phone number and so on).

When navigating through a website, some information may be passively collected (i.e. without the user actively providing this information) through various technological resources such as IP addresses, cookies and navigation data. 

Like all other websites, this website uses Internet Protocol addresses (IP address). An IP address is allocated to your computer by your Internet Service Provider and grants its user access to the Internet. Generally an IP address does not contain personal information because it is dynamic (it changes every time one connects to the Internet) and not static (i.e. belonging to the computer of a given user). We use your IP address to check server problems, to gather statistical information, to determine the quickest connection between your computer and our website and to manage and improve our website. For security reasons and to prevent misuse through flooding and spam, our server will log your IP address in certain cases.


A cookie is a piece of information which a website sends to your web browser and which enables the website to remember specific information about you and your preferences.
Session cookies are temporary cookies which are deleted as soon as you close your web browser or switch off your computer. Sessions cookies are used to improve the navigation on websites and to gather general statistical information.
Persistent cookies will be stored on the hard drive of your computer and will remain there unless you delete them. Persistent cookies store information on your computer with a view to calling up information which was previously provided (such as passwords or forms), finding out which sections of the website visitors find most interesting and adapting the website to your preferences. uses both types of cookies.

Navigation data (log files, server logs and clickstream data) are used for system management, to improve the site’s content, for market surveys and to provide information to the user. This site uses navigation data.

Changes to this Privacy Policy and Contact Information

If this privacy policy changes, the revised version will be posted online. We recommend that you regularly check our privacy policy, more specifically if you are considering providing personal information through For more information contact us by e-mail

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